The house has a fully equipped kitchen.  The oven and stove, dishwasher, and fridge/freezer which were actually used in filming are totally functional and ready for you to use.  We provide a 12 cup coffee maker, microwave, 4-slot toaster, pots, pans, silverware, dishes, we even keep all the knives sharp.  We provide coffee, liquid creamer packets and sweeteners for you as well.  We keep cooking neecessities like salt, pepper, garlic, even steak and cajun seasoning on hand, as well as oil and cooking spray.  We try to keep the house stocked to where we don't need to bring anything when we stay.


You will find the dining room table used in filming is exactly where it belongs...  In the dining room!  We do keep it protected with a custom-made cover though.  We have 6 chairs at the table. We also have a small drop-leaf table in the kitchen, just as Charlie had in the movie.  In the living room you will see that Charlie has added some seating, and there is now comfortable seating for 6 to 8 people without the need for additional chairs.  The flat-screen smart-TV is in the corner, exactly where it has always been.  There is an amplified HD antenna which enables watching a couple of dozen local channels (the TV has a guide feature), and the house also has a dedicated Netflix account for you to use.  Of course, copies of all Twilight movies, Halloweentown, and the Goonies are provided for you, along with loads of popcorn!


One thing to mention is that there is only one shower.  Downstairs you will find a half-bath.  Upstairs is a full bathroom, with a bathtub with a detachable shower-head.  There is an over-size water heater to help meet the demand of back-to-back showers.  You will also find an iron and small ironing board in the built-in.  We even keep toothbrushes and travel-size toothpaste on hand for anyone who may have forgot theirs.  We also provide soap and we keep shampoo and conditioner in the shower for anyone who wishes to use them.  We keep a decent hair dryer in upstairs the bathroom as well.


The house was recently upgraded to a split heat pump system.  Each floor has its own thermostat.  Both air handlers also have REMI HALO® Air saitizers/purifiers installed.  Not only will this new system keep the house comfortable, it will also kill 99% of sneeze germs before they can travel 3 feet!  The safety of our guests is our number one priority. With the current pandemic it is more important than ever to provide a clean and sanitized environment.


Of course there is WiFi (actually, there is TwiFi!!!), I believe it is a 15 megabit connection.  There is a grill on the back porch ready to use.  There are smoke detectors in every bedroom and common area and a carbon monoxide detector can be found on each level. Fire extiguishers and a first aid kit are also on hand.  If vehicles park nose-in towards the house (yes, the gravel area is deep enough) you can easily fit 3 cars on the left side gravel, one in the driveway, and two on the right side gravel resulting in parking for up to 6 vehicles total, althoug we ask that guest keep the vehilce count limited to no more than 5.  Lastly, the bedrooms provide accomodations for 8 people. 

5 bedrooms

Bella's Room

Charlie's Room

The Lookout Room

Renesmee's Room (AKA the tiny room)

The Jacob/Billy Black Guest Room


Twilight Swan House is a non-smoking facility both indoors and within 25 feet of the structure.

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