Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent individual rooms?

Nope. If you book with us you get the whole house!  However, since there is accomodation for up to 8 people we encourage guests to bring friends and family to split the cost.

What are your rates?

What is the minimum length for a stay?

Can I just book 1 night?

We do make exceptions to the 2-night minimum in some cases.  We often remove the 2-night minimum from bookended vacant nights (also known as "orphaned" nights) sandwiched between two bookings.  While we will not be willing to grant a one-night booking during an open, unbooked stretch, we may be willing to grant a one night stay on the first or last day of a 3-day opening.  Feel free to ask.

Can I just get a tour?

Can I get married or have some other event at the Swan House?

While we cannot "book" events due to the permits required to operate that sort of business, it is certainly legal to have a party or an event at a property which you own if it is not a busniess activity.  So there are a couple of paths which DO allow for a small wedding to happen at the Swan House.  Feel free to contact us about it.

What is the deal with a 10% tax?

Is the cleaning fee less if I stay fewer nights?

No.  The sheets & comforters all get laundered when you check out whether you slept in them for a day or a week. The toilets all get cleaned and sanitized and the counters all get wiped down regardless of the duration of stay.  In all honesty, the work done by our cleaners is completely indpendent of how long you stay.  Shorter stays actually mean that we do laundry more often which actually places more wear and tear on the things like towels, sheets and comforters. 

I want to book way in the future but the dates are all blocked out.  How do I book?

We book 1 year in advance, no more.  Dates more than a year out will in fact blocked out.&bnsp If you are looking at the calander and see blocked out dates less than a year out, then most likely we are in fact booked solid. 

It’s just too expensive.  Is there any way I can shave some of the cost?

We try to be as accommodating as we can.  We have a post on our social media pages where people can leave comments with intended travel dates to try and find other travelers to stay with to split the cost.  Sharing the cost with others is really the best way to reduce the expense.  5 people (or couples) can each get their own bedroom in a famous movie house and pay less per night than they would at a budget motel.  Also, if your plans are flexible or you are somewhat local you can take advantage of automatic discounting... As unbooked nights get to be only one or two weeks away, our rate will automatically be discouted (in stages).  If you are patient and any old days will do, you will be able to snag a booking with a nice discount.

Are there cameras?

Yes, motion-activated exterior security cameras are in use.  We have 4k night-vision cameras covering a decent fraction of the property including all entry points, and a ring doorbell at the front door, and a ring floodlight on the front of the house.  There are additional cameras in the off-limits areas such as the basement, but there are absolutely no cameras anywhere inside the house.  Once you walk through the door, we cannot see you.  The exterior cameras are not intended for monitoring guest activity, but more for ensuring visitors behave and respect our property as well as ensuring that they do not violate the privacy of our guests.  We don’t want to end up like the Goonies house.  We do have the ability to view camera recordings remotely, and we can get a live view at any time.  Generally though we only regularly monitor guests at check-in time to make sure you get inside without issue and that you didn’t bring any unauthorized visitors or additional guests not specified in the reservation. 

Why are additional guests or visitors a problem?

Can you accomodate early or late check-ins?

The house has a smart door lock allowing for a self cehck-in.  Each guest gets a unique door code, which is activated at their check in time (or ealier if we work out an early check-in).  You can stroll into town at 2 AM, and get in the house just fine.  Late check-ins are not an issue at all.  Early check-ins really depend on whether or not there is a check-out the same day as your check-in.  If so, then our cleaners only get 5 hours to get the house ready.  Early check-ins usually can’t be accommodated in this situation.  However, if the house was vacant overnight (i.e. neither a booked guest, nor ourselves stayed there) then we will usually let you check in as early as you like.  Shoot us a message a few days before your check in to confirm that an early check in is possible, and if so we will make sure your code is activated at an appropriate time.  There are no extra charges for this.  Late checkouts however we will not do.  All of our orchestration with our cleaners is set up to allow them entry at 11 AM, and we will not manually override the system.

What are your check out procedures?

Pretty simple stuff…  Leave the beds that were slept in unmade so that the cleaners know to launder them.  Place all used towels in the hamper in the upstairs bathroom.  Wash and put away all dishes.  Cleaning out the coffee maker is a nice courtesy too.  Please close and latch all windows, and lock the back door.  Please pull down all blinds, as we prefer that any conspicuous characters are not able to immediately know that the house is vacant.  Do not worry about taking out the trash.  Our cleaners will add to it during the cleaning anyway.  Please turn off any space heaters.  If it is a warm day then please leave the AC on for our cleaners.  Apart from that just lock the front door on the way out by pressing the Schlage button. 

Is it okay to visit and take pictures?

Of course!  Obviously you do not have permission to photograph any guests who might be staying there, but photos of the house itself are totally fine.  We ask that visitors please park at the bottom of the hill on Columbia Blvd and walk up to the house.  There is no street parking anywhere on S. 6th street, and parking at the house (including the tunraround at the end of the road, which is still our property) is a priviledge reserved for ourselves and our invited guests.  Vistors are not allowed to park on the property.  6th street is a narrow, 1-lane, dead-end road which does not have sufficient width for vehicles to be coming and going simultaneoulsly.  Visitors driving up and down this road create a particularly annoying traffic nuisance for us and our neighbors who might just happen to be trying to drive the opposite direction at the same time.  For this reason we actually prefer walk-up fans to drive-by ones.  Please remain in the road, or the gravel parking area in front of the house for your pictures.  Do not go on the grass, up on the porch or peek through any windows, or go around the side of the house (you will set off alerts from our security system... we don't like that).  Do not knock on the door or ring the doorbell and ask if you can see inside (yes, this actually happens).  Bascially, please respect our guests privacy and their rights to all of the available parking on the property. 

What is your cancellation policy?

On AirBnB you will see that our cancellation policy is set to strict, which means that in order to obtain a full refund you must cancel more than 14 days prior to check-in AND you must cancel within 48 hours of booking.  Cancellations made more than 48 hours after booking will result in a refund of the cleaning fee, and half of the rent.  If you only paid half upfront, then all you'd get back is half of the cleaning fee.  Most of our bookings are made months - if not a year - in advance.  Our policy is that 90 days is probably sufficient to rebook a cancellation, so we generally have no issue providing refunds or moving a booking which is more than 90 days out.  AirBnB's booking fees, however, we have no control over and cannot refund.  For cancellations within 90 days of check in we will provide a refund only if the cancelled dates rebook at full price.  Moving a booking within the 90-day window will incur a fee.


Twilight Swan House is a non-smoking facility both indoors and within 25 feet of the structure.

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