"If you are a die-hard Twilight fan, then staying at the Swan House is a must (top of your bucket list)!  It was so surreal, amazing and awesome!  Dean and Amber have made the house picture perfect."

- Suzanne, Stayed June 2019

"Highly recommend this experience to anyone-not just Twilight fans!!"

- Teri, Stayed June 2019

"This is a beautiful and well maintained home.  It’s evident when walking through the door that lots of love and care have gone into this house.  Amber and Dean are amazing hosts and their communication is second to none.  If you want a beautiful and cozy home to stay in, this is it.  If you’re a Twilight fan, what are you waiting for?!  It was a dream come true for this Twi-hard!"

- Amber, Stayed May 2019

"Amber and Dean are the best hosts I've encountered on AirBnB.  The communication was exceptional, the house was immaculate, and the entire process was so easy.  In a nutshell, I surprised my 13 year old daughter for her birthday.  She didn't know when we pulled up to the house that she was going to stay in Bella's room, and this lifelong memory she'll carry with her wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the kindness of Amber & Dean.  The house is fantastic, the beds are comfortable, and the special touches like the chocolates, the ready-to-make coffee, and the entire collection of Twilight movies with a theater's worth of popcorn ready to go, were the little extras that made this visit so special.  That's all aside from the very kind birthday gift (along with balloons) that were awaiting Izzy when we walked in the door.  If you're on the fence at all about renting this wonderful home for the night, let me give you a push.  You won't regret it, I promise!"

- Keith, Stayed May 2019

"Dean and Amber were awesome hosts.  The house itself is amazing to stay in but they were so nice and so quick to answer any questions I had.  Thanks to them, the world can experience some true movie magic."

- Brandy, Stayed May 2019

"Dear Amber and Dean, these few days in Oregon have been wonderful.  Coming to the house with a girlfriend and leaving the house with a fiance could not have been possible without you guys.  Not only were you guys kind, understanding, responsive, amazing, friendly, and attentive, but it felt like you guys were family.  I hope that doesn't seem weird, but when you guys have all of those qualities it's hard not to feel that way!  The house was beautiful and well kept with everything we could possibly need.  Honestly, the best hosts you could ask for.  Dropping on my knee and having the honor of being one of the first to propose in Bella's room was an experience me and her will never forget.  It is is simply magical staying here and trying to soak in all of the fine details that were put into place.  I've dreamt of doing this for years and thanks to you guys it became a reality.  We would come back in a heartbeat when given the chance.  The neighborhood was quiet and there were deer outside walking about.  All of the stores are just a very short drive away.  I hope everyone that is a fan can seize the moment and stay here.  You will not regret it and you will cherish it forever like we did.  Thank you."

- David, Stayed May 2019

"Everything I could have wanted and more.  Just a magical experience.  The attention to detail, for the Twilight fan - above and beyond.  Just pinch me, I still think I'm dreaming.  Thank you Amber and Dean, for this Twi-fan's bucket list come true."

- Donna, Stayed May 2019

"We are so grateful that we had this opportunity to stay at the Swan House, the home of Bella and Charlie.  Such an amazing experience, loved every second of it!!  The house was very clean and beautiful!  We felt very welcomed.  And Amber was sooooo helpful throughout the whole way.  We will cherish these moments forever!  Thank you Amber and Dean!  Kiitos todella paljon!  ~Suvi and Jarkko."

- Jarkko, Stayed May 2019

"A must see!!  From top to bottom just an amazing experience.  The house, the binder of areas to visit and amazing hosts!"

- Lori, Stayed May 2019

"What a perfect experience!  Dean and Amber have clearly worked so hard to capture the essence of the Swan House, restoring it to its filming condition as well as making it a beautiful tribute to the Twilight series.  Even if it wasn't a piece of Twilight history, I would be so thrilled to stay in this charming vintage home!  The home is so clean and inviting and had plenty of toiletries, linens, etc. Dean and Amber contacted us to let us know we could check in anytime - we were touring around the area, so we didn't arrive until after sundown, and it was so charming that we pulled up to the house to find the porch lights on.  A small detail, but it just added to the warmth of the place.  I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed in your stay. Thank you!!"

- Rebecca, Stayed May 2019

"Amber & Dean’s Swan House will not disappoint.  If you are Twilight fan, it’s a must visit.  It’s fun to watch the movies in the house knowing parts were filmed in it."

- Carrie, Stayed March 2019

"Throughly enjoyed the experience of staying in the Bella Swan movie house.  It was SO cool to be in the actual house that the movie was filmed in.  AND it is exactly they way it was in the movie so you really get an incredible feel of what it was like.  The house is immaculately clean.  There were so many personal touches.  Amber was EXTREMELY helpful and very quick with any questions we asked.  She helped me to do preplanning before we got there answering some questions.  There is book in the house that was VERY helpful if you want to do a Twilight road trip seeing movie locations.  The house is a very charming, quaint and beautiful home inside and out.  There is so much old architectural built-ins and detailed work to look at and enjoy.  We enjoyed our staying in the home!"

- Christy, Stayed March 2019

"The Swan House was more than I expected AMAZING like living in the movie #Twilight"

- Nancy, Stayed March 2019

"Where to start! First, staying at the Swan House was something I never thought would be possible for any Twilight fan, much less myself.  My ultimate goal was to see the outside of the house and snap a photo from the street!  Then the house was up for sale...and Amber and Dean appeared and purchased it and restored it as close as possible to how it was in the movie.  And decided to give other people the opportunity to stay in their home!!!  I spent a night there...slept in Bella’s bedroom.  Ate pizza sitting in Charlie’s chair at the dining table.  Watched Twilight on the big screen Only disappointment was Edward didn’t appear, lol.  The house itself is amazing, even if you’re not a Twilight fan.  Beautiful architectural details—I was fascinated with the doorknobs!  But if you are a twihard, a total surreal experience and you will absolutely love it!  I have no idea how many times I walked from the living room to the kitchen to the dining room and then up the stairs to Bella’s room.  I literally thought I was dreaming at times, but I have tons of photos to prove I was really there!  Practical stuff.  The house was immaculate with plenty of clean, fluffy towels, soap and other essentials if you forget yours.  Comfy, cozy beds.  Extremely comfortable couches.  There was even popcorn in the pantry.  A notebook filled with info regarding the area, restaurant recommendations, etc.  Just so many loving and thoughtful touches in this beautiful home.  I truly hope every fan gets the opportunity to stay there.  The house is much larger than I expected and if you share the cost with 4 other people (ten people are allowed), the cost is less than what I paid for a hotel room outside of Portland!  So go.  Stay.  Have the ultimate Twilight experience.  You won’t regret it!"

- Deborah, Stayed March 2019

"Wow, wow, wow... As an avid, and slightly crazed, Twilight fan, I had certainly already visited The Swan House to capture a photo from the outside in the past.  But to actually be able to stay inside the house where the original Twilight Movie was filmed was an absolute surreal experience!  And to be the first guests on their opening weekend, even better!  I can say, without hesitation, if you're a Twi-Hard, you will absolutely not be disappointed with your time here!  With Amber's eye for detail and her own love for the Twilight Saga, accommodated by Dean's amazing handy work, they have revived Charlie and Bella's House to be an experience like you've never had before!  From the kitchen where Swan dinners were shared, to the dining room where Charlie meets Edward, to Bella's epic upstairs bedroom, you truly feel like you've been transported into the movie.  They have worked hard to obtain matching replicas, and in some cases, the originals, to furnish different parts of the house!  This goes to show their dedication to providing the ultimate encounter for their guests!  The absolute only regret I have about booking this house, is not reserving at least one additional night to continue to take it all in.  Knowing that Dean and Amber have only recently purchased this home, it's not a surprise to know they are still working to bring the house to the condition they ultimately desire.  I know for our group, none of the outstanding work hindered our weekend on the property.  The house was originally built in the 1930's, so there are quirks that come with it, but nothing that should give you too much hassle.  If you have a large party, the fact that it only has 1.5 baths may pose a bit of an inconvenience in regards to showering, however it suited our party of three just fine.  You'll notice the kitchen appliances are a bit dated, but if you're a fan, the excitement of being able to touch the same fridge, oven, dishwasher, sink, even the wall phone that were in the movie will far outweigh what more modern appliances would provide.  We cooked a handful of meals over our weekend and the kitchen suited us just fine.  The interior of the house was very clean, with beds that made you feel like you were sleeping on a cloud.  We all woke up very well rested.  Plenty of clean towels, wash cloths, soap and even complimentary toothbrushes and tooth paste.  While you’re in the St. Helen’s area, make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the other filming sites that Twilight Director, Catherine Hardwicke, and her scouting team selected for the movie!  The most prominent sites are located in the old downtown area of St. Helen’s – You can visit the parking lot where Edwards saves Bella from the unruly group of frat boys, The Bloated Toad where Edwards takes Bella for dinner, and the shop where Bella and her friends shop for dresses for the dance.  The popular Disney movie, Halloweentown, was also filmed there and you can easily spot the different filming locations in the same area.  The details on exactly where you can find them all are listed in the information binder provided with the house.  Throughout the weekend we reached out to Amber directly several times and she was always extremely responsive.  Both Dean and Amber are kind and warm people who, more than anything, want their guest’s stay to be nothing but magical!  I can honestly say that ours was and that we all cannot wait for our return visits in the future!"

- Teresa, Stayed January 2019


Twilight Swan House is a non-smoking facility both indoors and within 25 feet of the structure.

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